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North Dakota

ND Cent. Code 23-12-17 Workplace breastfeeding policies – Infant friendly designation

1. An employer may use the designation “infant friendly” on its promotional materials if the employer adopts a workplace breastfeeding policy that includes the following:

a. Flexible work scheduling, including scheduling breaks and permitting work patterns that provide time for expression of breast milk;

b. A convenient, sanitary, safe, and private location, other than a restroom, allowing privacy for breastfeeding or expressing breast milk;

c. A convenient clean and safe water source with facilities for washing hands and rinsing breast-pumping equipment located in the private location specified in subdivision b; and

d. A convenient hygienic refrigerator in the workplace for the temporary storage of the mother’s breast milk.

2. The state department of health shall establish guidelines for employers concerning workplace breastfeeding and infant friendly designations.


ND Cent. Code 12.1-20-12.1 Indecent exposure

4. The act of a woman discreetly breastfeeding her child is not a violation of this section.

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